8 Tips for Ordering Event Swag

As summer is approaching and more and more people are getting vaccinated it's probable that events will start happening again soon. 

When done right Swag is a great way to get people involved and raving about your product, service or event. However we've seen way too many times the swag has either ended up in the garbage because it was lame or didn't even end up at the event at all because of timing (Yikes!!!) We've all been there before where we've been given swag that is underwhelming, ugly or cheaply made, and completely useless to us. 

to help out the marketing and event coordinators we have put together 10 things to keep in mind when ordering Swag for an event. 

Event Swag and promotional Products

1. Think About Where Your Attendees Are Travelling From

If attendees are travelling from afar, you don't want to provide items that won't fit into their suitcases on the way home (or they just don't want to haul home because it was lame). You want the item to have lasting value for a long time after the event so they have something to remember the event (and your brand) by. 

2. Is the item useful or functional during the event?

If you want people using the item during the event think of items that people will  need. 

You won't want to give an umbrella to an event where attendees will be indoors, or maybe they have to travel outdoors in between events then it makes sense and will be super useful  (especially in Vancouver). Address an attendee pain point and build from there.

Promotional Products like reusable water bottles, snacks and power banks are all good items. 


3. Order Swag to Arrive at Least Two Weeks Before The Event.

This is a HUGE one. Sometimes it's not possible because the conference centers won't accept boxes before a certain date. However, if it can be helped, please don't order it to arrive the day before the event. You don't want to risk assuming everything will arrive perfect, because the odd time it doesn't it's nice to have time to fix it. Plus you won't have to pay for expedited freight if you don't leave it for last minute. 

4. Think About Value of Your Gift and Who Will Receive it. 

You don't want to cheap out on giveaways. Think about TED talks where people receive a whole slew of amazing gifts. it's part of the experience and people rave about it. that's what we want for your event. If it's not in your budget maybe hand out premium products to less people, whether that's through a contest, people who have shown interested in your brand or the first 100 people at your booth.   

5. Think About Your Call-To-Action 

What do you want people to do with the swag? Share it on social media? go to your website? give you their email?

Perhaps think of incorporating a scan code on the item or the packaging that will  give them some coupon (say for a free drink) at the event if they do your call-to-action. make it worthwhile their effort and you will have a lot more people participating in your interactive campaign. 


6. Think About Who You Are Providing the Swag For 

You need to adapt what you are offering depending on what your event is for and target market. for example a tech conference you may offer a cord organizer. For an event outside on a sunny day you may offer reusable water bottles or sunglasses. 

ask yourself what medium carries your logo in a meaningful way? and what do people actually want to receive?

7. Create a Product That is Unique and Show Worthy Down to the Packaging.

People are only showing their best experiences on social media, so creating an experience through swag that people want to share with their networks is crucial. If you want them showing off what they received at your event think of design all the way to the packaging of the product. 

8. Think About How Attendees Will Be Receiving the Swag. 

Will you be giving one out to everyone? Will they have to give you their email address before being given one? Will you be giving products to attendees as they enter the event? These are all things you should think about as that will determine the value of the giveaway. Is it appropriate given the involvement you are asking of the attendees? 


If you are unsure with what item will be a big hit at your event please give us a call or send us an email and we can put together a presentation with meaningful options for you. 


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