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Branded Merchandise in the Sales Cycle

For some industries such as the real estate industry the sales cycle can become quite long. First of all you need to get your name out there and create awareness around your brand. Then it may include a presentation or discussion around your service or product. Finally you close the deal. but it doesn't stop there you may want to reach out again for referrals, it's a never ending cycle. 

Promotional Products are the one form of advertising that have the potential to influence customers before, during and after the moment of purchase.

In this post I will give you an over through on the ways you can use Promotional Products through the sales funnel. I will get more into detail on each part of the cycle in a separate post but for now this should give you a generally idea. 


Sales Funnel
Sales Cycle


Which step of the cycle are you in with the client and what do you hope to accomplish? a thank you gift? awareness of your brand? icebreaker for the first meeting? this will determine what branded product will help you with your sales goals.  

Lead Generation 

If you are the stage where you are creating awareness for your brand you may want to send potential clients a small promotional product so that they see your brand name regularly.  used as a door opening tool you want something eye catching that will raise awareness of your brand.

high volume low cost for this stage.  

You can also incorporate links to landing pages to guide your client through the next steps and what to expect from you.  

Candy Cards are a great product that will put your brand on the top of your clients mind. 

Promotional Products lead generation

 A small notebook is easy to ship and useful 

Lead Generation Branded Merchandise

Presentation / Discussion

A small gift is a great way to say thank you after your initial meeting. add a personal note thanking them for their time and letting them know your here for them through the next steps. You want to impress them so something unique and higher end than the lead generation products.  


a name brand like Moleskine has a high perceived value and will be super useful to your lead. 

lead generation branded merchandise

A pencil case with a few pens is multi functional gift to show your lead that you appreciate their time. 

branded gifts

Negotiate and close

I would call the products you provide at this stage Corporate gifts rather than promotional products. Because if you add your branding on the product it's considered a promotion instead of a gift. although I have seen some great gifts with subtle branding on them. You may even want to think of personalizing gifts at this stage. 

Great closing gifts are personal and thoughtful and will help create a loyal brand enthusiast for life. 


A gift box with local products will be enjoyed by your client. Bonus we can incorporate some of your promotional products into gift boxes. 

Give them this Miir name brand wine set with a bottle of their favourite wine. you can do subtle branding or no branding at all. 

Closing Corporate Gifts




As your relationship continues to grow you may want to gift your client a "thank you" gift for referring someone else to use your product or service.  It's a great way to keep your brand on the top of their mind and let them know you appreciate the referral. 

 A branded water bottle is something your client will use everyday and it will remind them constantly of your company

Branded Merchandise

Something as simple as cookies will do the trick to say "thank you for your referral"


branded gifts


 Feel Free to contact us at if you need a personalized idea for your company. we specialize in marketing campaigns and custom gifts. 





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