Swag I would like to have

 Over the past 10 years in the industry I've seen the same thing over and over.  Mostly t-shirts or drinkware with a one color print. There is definitely a time and place for that. Lately, though, I have been obsessed with expanding options for my clients that don't currently exist within the promotional product industry. 

No matter what your marketing campaign is, ordering branded products always raises the same question : How do I get my brand noticed by my target market? 

we can answer that question by showing you some ideas that have a trendy retail vibe but with the company logo on them so your clients can see your brand.

1. Terrazzo printed Corkscrew

who has seen motel makeover? the Girls turn a shabby run down hotel into an influencers dream vacation. not to mention the swag for sale is to dye for. 



2. Reworked Crop Jean Jacket

Saintly wine teamed up with creator @RemixedbyTal to create this reworked crop jean jacket with a pink fur collar. Literally no one else will be selling the same product. I love the subtle wrist tag with the logo.  

Swag - jackets

3. Lapel Pins With Card Backing 

In the past I used to design apparel for major companies, one of them being McDonalds. must stuff was super ugly but I love this pins on a pin card. I would wear these on my denim jacket.

swag lapel pins

4. Branded Converse

These aren't as much as a brand product as they are iconic merchandise  with an andy warhol inspired art decorating the whole shoe. But with a company logo step and repeat pattern on them they turn into an eye catcher for your brand. 
branded converse

5. Artisan Keychain 

I would LOVE to source these from a local artisan with a small logo'd metal disc.  
swag keychains

6. Custom Pouch 

I am always impressed by Cirque du Soleils merchandise, most of the things are custom designed specifically for their shows. This bag is just so perfect I had to share it. 
branded swag