Useful Summer Branded Merchandise

With the weather finally starting to warm up this weekend, it's a great time to plan  your summer promos for 2021. 

We're not talking office gifts here. We're talking about fun outdoor summer products that can be used during and after a company event. 

Here are a few of our favourite summertime products to help ensure your brand stays on top of your customers and employees minds. 


Summer themed Promotional Products

1. Printed Beach Towels 

Show off your brand at the beach, a picnic or the pool in the summer. With full color imprint abilities you can get creative with your brand on this product. Plus people can use it all year round at indoor pools.
Summer promotional Products

2. Cooling Polos 

Now that we're headed into a warmer season, employees will want to wear something a little bit cooler than a long sleeved button up. We love how the polos are easy to wear but still look professional.
  We suggest polos with moisture wicking technology, and UPF sun protection such as this triblend Cutter and Buck Polo. 
Summer Swag

3. Cocktail kits 

For the Clients or employees you know love to enjoy a cocktail out on the patio during the summer months. 
This one below is a perfect employee gift at a company BBQ.  
Summer Corporate Gifts

4. Cooler Bags

A cooler bag is versatile and practical. Lightweight and easy to carry, a cooler bag is a perfect gift for the outdoor lovers.  It is one of those items that will be used over and over again. 
we love this stylish, classic gray cooler bag, with a bottle opener. 
summer Branded Apparel

5. BBQ Kits

Since most restaurants are either closed or have a full patio at the moment, people will be dusting off their BBQ's this weekend. A great summer time corporate gift is a BBQ kit or this multi purpose BBQ tool below. 

Summer Promotional Products

6. Sunglasses 

These are a pretty standard summer giveaway, and there is a reason why. They are super useful and suitable for a diverse range of customers. Plus it's always nice to have a back up pair on hand. 
we love the look of these wood ones that won't seem cheap against their plastic counterparts. 
Summer Swag

7. Can Cooler

Need something to keep your cold brews cool in the hot summer sun? This Corksicle can cooler keeps your cans or bottles cool for 3 hours (not that they will last that long). 
Summer branded Gifts

8. Tote Bags 

Tote bags are lightweight and great for people attending events where there are lots of giveaways to carry. 

If you have a summer themed event a fun idea is a provide a tote bag with a beach towel, a pair of sunglasses and a small bottle of sunscreen. It's highly useful and people will love it. 
Tip : try a fun summer themed print like this tropical print below. 
Swag for Summer

9. Sunscreen 

We love sunscreen for a stand alone giveaway or an add on to a swag bag/summer kit. Great for handing out at festivals or outdoor parties. 
Summer corporate gifts
Email us if you need any fresh ideas for the summer specific to your brand or event.