The Guide to Branded Merchandise Shops


branded merch shop

So you want a company online store with your branded merchandise, but have no idea how to start or what kind of company shop you are need of. There could be several reasons why you would want to build a web store and the good news is we build different types based on your needs. 

In this guide I will take you over the types of shops, reasons to get a company shop, ways you can use the shop and the benefits to having us set up and manage one for you. 

There is lots to cover so here we go :

Types of Shops 

There are 3 types of Shops that we can set up for you. 

1. Pop up Shop 

2. Company Shop 

3. Marketing Shop

    Pop Up Shop 

    Open a shop for a defined period of time and aggregate the orders into a single Sales Order.

    No minimum quantities! And like the best pop-up shops, this shop is only open for a limited time. This shop will allow us to set a special price and then gather single quantity orders from individuals so that we can combine them into one order to easily ship to one location! there is nothing for you to do except choose the products you like and send the pop up shop link to the employees/students. We will take care of the rest. 

    Ways to use a Pop Up Shop

      • Offer employees a holiday gift of jackets where they can choose their size
      • Uniform programs / Hospital scrubs
      • Celebration gift: Set-up a pop-up shop to gift employees one item, allow them to select the item they want and then we will produce the order!
      • Camp Programs - camper’s select their branded merchandise before the start of camp so they are ready for their arrival.
      •  Collect employee/student sizing instead of outdated forms (grad sweaters)

    Company Shop 

    Created just for your company, usually password protected. 

    Head Offices can send this to their team/locations for them to place their own orders. 

    Ways to use a Company Store :

          • Marketing pre-approves a set of products for different departments/locations to order
          • Easy reorders for frequently ordered products
          • Your companies head office wants to offer a set of pre-approved products for multiple departments or locations to order.
          • For companies who wants to control the products offered to colleagues.
          • Set-up for a certain department to restock items (welcome kits) when low
          • Sales teams that are spread across Canada or the US can easily order from a select group of products. 

          • Franchise systems that require complete control over the branding.


    Marketing Shop 

    This shop is probably the least popular shop of all of them. This shop has your branding and message, allows the teams to upload their artwork and enter their office shipping info. 

    Ways to use a Marketing Shop :

      • Each location in your company may have different art work with their location name they would like to use. This makes it easy for them to shop through your pre-approved promotional products but can customize the products to their liking. 
      • Seasonal ideas - golf tournaments, Earth day, holiday etc.
      • Embed on your website to offer a frequently changing curated set of ideas 
    company store

    Is a company web store for you?

     The best shops are those who recognize the potential of branded merchandise. It is a chance to cultivate brand champions whether it's a retail shop for a camp or an employee-shop. 

     Shops are for companies that :

    - Want to provide a store for there employees where they will be allocating funds for employees to get their own gear/branded merchandise

    - want to provide a collection of pre-approved items to their team but would like some else to manage it all. 

    - On going gifting for employees (maybe years of service) or clients where they can choose from a set of corporate gifts. 

    - Rebranding the company and would like to gift everyone with new branded merchandise. 

    We do not recommend getting a company store if you do not have a specific purpose in mind and are not ready to market it.  

     Value and Benefits 

    The overall value in creating a positive impact on the brand while streamlining the entire process is significant. 

    -You wont have to assign team members to collect orders from each department head. 

    -You won't have to work with multiple vendors to set up a shop, design it, add products and manage it. We do it all for you. 

    -You wont have to go over 100's of orders to send in to us.  

    - You won't have to worry about storing inventory. 

    - You won't have to worry about different branches/franchises ordering different items that will negatively effect your brand. 

    Contact us

    I've spent years managing web stores for companies across North America and over all over the world. 

    The process is so simple all you do is choose the products you like and we will take care of the rest. 

    If your interested in a company store  but don't know where to start or if it is worth having one, you can contact us at and we will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss how your company can benefit from a web store.