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Vector vs. Rastor

Why We Need Your Artwork in Vector Format

First of all what is a vector image?

Vector files are images that are built by mathematical formulas that establish points on a grid. these points make is possible to expand the image as large as you want without losing quality or resolution.  Because they can infinitely adjust in size without losing quality, vector files are more versatile for printing on products. 

Raster files are composed of the colored blocks commonly referred to as pixels. With raster images such as JPEG or PNG logos, when you resize the image it will become pixelated, distorted and low quality. 

when printing a logo on a product whether it's a hard good or garment we want the image to be as sharp and high quality as possible. we would never want to use a JPEG because your logo may look distorted or blurry.  

This is why we ask you to provide your logo in Vector format. 

Vector vs. Rastor branded merchandise

I don't know if my logo is in Vector Format?

The most common types of vector files are: AI, PDF, EPS, or SVG.  if the file is in any other format chances are it's not Vector and we will need a new file from you or need to create a new one for you.  

How Do I Convert My Artwork into a Vector?

To change your image or logo into vector art, it's sometimes necessary to speak with the original graphic designer of the artwork or the person who designed it for you. Many times, your artist will be able to convert a JPEG or PNG to a vectored format for you. If you don't have a graphic designer or your graphic designer cannot create a vectored version of your artwork, we will be happy to help you. 

What Does "Convert Font to Outlines" Mean, How Do I Do that to My Fonts?

when we say we need you to "Convert your font to outlines" it means that the file was saved as regular text and not artwork. 

If we do not have that font installed on our computer, when we open the file the computer will substitute a generic font for your original font. This completely changes the way the font will appear and print! However, if your font is converted to outlines, then it allows the computer to read it as an image object rather than as just text.

So if you have specific fonts in your design that you want to use on your items, then you need to convert the fonts to outlines!

Vector vs. Raster branded merchandise


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