Work From Home Employee Gifts

Now more than ever your employees are needing a boost in morale. Many of us have not had a chance in almost a year to collaborate in person or engage with the people we love. These curated promotional products will not only keep your employees motivated through these lonely times but they will improve company culture.

We find a nice mix of branded merchandise with some local artisan gifts are the best way to go. 


Wake up & Go ...Exercise 

Employee Gifting

 Without the commute to and from work everyday employees tend to get less exercise. nobody wants the quarantine 15!!! Make it easy for your employees to work out from home or outside with these gym inspired promotional products.  


Stay Cozy & Safe

Employee Gifts


the best part of not going into the office? wearing sweatpants all day!!!! sending stress reduction kits shows your employees you care about their well being and peace of mind.  We love a good cup of tea, a warm blanket and a nice smelling candle to start our day.  All items can be custom branded with your company logo. 



Desk Accessories for Energized Meetings

Employee Gifts


You can host a virtual team building event by getting all the employees to open their gifts together. This can create a sense of community with staff that otherwise do not get to see and/or socialize with their co-workers. We suggest bright coloured fun items that will put a smile on their faces. 

if you need any custom ideas for employee gifts or branded Merchandise please email us at